Mariluz will focus on building consensus around the important issues facing the voters in District 3. She is ready to fight for those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic and she’ll be ready to do it on day one.

Community Safety and Fire Protection
Mariluz is committed to getting our first responders the necessary resources, training, and support that they need to effectively protect our families and neighborhoods. Law enforcement is responding to the growing frequency of mental health, substance abuse, and trauma related calls in our region. Fire protection and emergency services are working to efficiently and safely combat the increasing regularity of fire and emergencies in the area. To meet the demands of population growth, Mariluz will fight to increase access to behavioral health resources and provide our first responders with the tools they need to keep us safe.


Homelessness and Housing
Mariluz believes that addressing the housing crisis requires a holistic and regional approach to address all areas of the continuum including: emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, affordable housing, market rate housing, and home ownership. In addition, we must continue to support and partner with organizations who provide interventions and outreach specifically for our homeless youth, veterans, and LGBTQ+ populations. This is an issue that impacts the entire community and it is critical that we increase our public-private partnerships. Mariluz supports that the diverse needs of our unhoused population are met through a tailored approach that offers varying levels of case management, wrap-around services, and housing options.

Economic Development
Job creation and economic development are pivotal to our region’s successful recovery from the pandemic. Businesses continue to struggle with labor shortages and families are struggling to pay for the increased cost of living. To combat this, we must continue to attract high-paying jobs, invest in workforce development, and increase workforce housing. As a Native Nevadan, Mariluz will support a strong push towards renewable energy projects to not only combat the effects of climate change, but to bring hundreds of union jobs that provide good pay, healthcare, and pension to our region. Mariluz is committed to ensuring the urban core of District 3 is safe and clean to increase tourism and that businesses receive the proper tools to expand and put people to work.